September 2018

Traveled to: Guntersville, AL; Denver and Colorado Springs, CO and ended the month in Pittsburgh, PA

Work: Instead of travel and completing current events with Team Members and Operators, my month was thinking ahead to the future. What 2019 will look like…Where to travel to…Strategy and spending time with my team. 


Fall Fun for our Talent Acquisition Meeting!


Civil Rights Museum with the team!


Quick trip to Alabama!


Fun day with the People Department



West coast game changers…

When in Colorado…Snooze is a must!


The great thing about when I don’t travel, it increases my capacity to spend time with my friends and the community the Lord has placed me in. I was able to volunteer 4 Sundays…in a ROW!, visit a great winery with friends, and participate in a community group that e’ve formed to dive deeper into Truths and allow “iron to sharpen iron”. 




Yes, my birthday was this month too! I felt so loved and cared for. Although I was not able to go camping like the original plan, Plan “B” actually created a different experience, that was even more special! 

I had breakfast with my “besties!” and then everyone came to have BBQ and watch football.


A Birthday gift to myself!

Friends “race”- I say race, because I obviously didn’t run…but they did and I walked the 5K. It was humbling and peaceful all at once. I never would have thought I would have not been able to run 3 miles. We spent time enjoying the rides before the park opened to guests. IMG_3962

Although technically It’s the fall season, it’s still 80+ degrees here. That didn’t stop me from enjoying my favorite #basic fall beverage! IMG_3878

Prayer: My hip! I am scheduling a doctor apporintment with another surgeon to get a second opinion. Right now I have almost constant pain without doing any impact exercise. A recovery that was supposed to last around 6 months, we’re going on 10 and still not relief. More than just healing, also pray that I use my time to fix my eyes on things above and not become bitter or angry. 

When you are trying to limit your walking…and your best friend goes grocery shopping for you…

I will be headed to India again in October. I am looking forward to spending time with the team, and having to opportunity to love on the people. Please pray for my travels, the team I’ll be traveling with and the people we will be interacting with. 


August 2018

This month seemed to last forever! 

Traveled to: Irvine, CA; Jacksonville, FL; Athens, GA

Work: While the beginning of the month started off with travel, the second part of the month and for the next weeks weeks the focus will be on 2019 planning.  The week I spent in California was great to spend time with a market that continues to grow and push the boundaries.

A huge part of what makes so much traveling fun are the friends that you get to hang out with!

Very exciting! Thankful that it also is a beautiful place to have downtime when the hotel is in such a beautiful setting! Dana Point…did not disappoint!

When you get sick on a work trip…little things mean a lot more!

Personal- With more time at home, it allows me to cook! It’s great to get into a new rythmn and have other activities going on then just getting on a plane to the next location. 

I joined a tennis club and played my first couple games! So fun, and might take lessons next year to improve and work on specific skills (aka serving)

Time with friends gets to happen more, and hanging out a singing screaming T-Swift music is a great memory we shared!IMG_3733IMG_3734

Amazon prime Day….it happened…IMG_3739

#NamasDRAKE yoga



So the end of the month wasn’t too fun… I got another MRI on my hip and was told to spend an additional month on crutches and taking meds for inflammation to hopefully end the pain…definitely not what I wanted to hear, and I haven’t done a great job accepting it. What this means: no hiking, tennis or activities until October (sigh)…


My hip- that healing would occur and the pain would subside; that I would rest in His sovereignty and this month of physical rest would deepen my relationship with Him.

July 2018

Travel: Boone, NC; Cedar Rapids, IA;  Little Rock, AR; Toronto, CANADA; back to Boone!


Things are a changin’! The month was filled with “goodbyes” and memories shared through laughter and tears as we saw a generation of leaders move on to their next platform of influence. 

July is also Cow Appreciation Day! I get so much joy serving guests and this year, I had the pleasure to be in Little Rock, AR working alongside some great team members. The babies dressed up= cuteness!

IMG_4483Canada travel was to see the future growth of the business and what is planned for 2019 and beyond. The team shared A LOT of  laughs, great food and plenty of conversations. Some of the highlights are below. 


IMG_3615The program that I support through spending time with a lot of the participants had their annual conference. Watching my friends share about their experiences and how they approach their responsibilities is such a neat “seat” to sit in!

IMG_3591Travel should begin to slow in frequency for work, as weekends tend to be busier in the Fall. 


Last year at this time, I had not made it a priority to visit my family and I was burnt out on just working all.the.time. 2019 I feel like I’ve come full circle and have gotten to visit with them multiple times. July was unique because i started and ended the month visiting them! July Fourth: lake and sun during the day…. fresh picked blueberry cobbler, banana pudding and fireworks on the creek bank at night…doesn’t get much better.  

When my friends who are Operators come into town, I make time to catch up and we both walk away encouraged and challenged through our conversation. 

I’ve continued to go to my favorite MixxedFit classes and recently have gotten into tennis. I’m up for trying anything low impact these days! I got my cortisone shot in July and it helped with the inflammation, but caused a week of headaches and not to mention me passing out in the Doctor’s office! 

I hosted my first brunch in my home! Waffles, eggs and hash! I love to host and having friends come and enjoy and lots of laughter is such a restful way to enjoy the weekend!

fullsizeoutput_2197When the weather is nice, I’m working on my tan. 😉 When it’s too hot or rainy…I can use my TV! I just purchased my first TV (#amazonprimeday) and had one of my friends install it in my new home. I am ready for college football to begin!

IMG_3652The month ended with a trip to Boone for my mom’s birthday. I surprised her with a trip we’ll take after Thanksgiving. She also asked fur me to take her and her friend (who happens to be 91!) out to Cracker Barrel…I resembled Driving Mrs. Daisy as we ran errands!


Culture’s priorities- As I hear news stories, listen to conversations, and see social media platforms. Pray that we are reminded and remind WHOSE we are and that our words and actions reflect His Truths. 

Courage- I can never seem to have enough!

June 2018

June 2018

Where I traveled to:

Boone, NC; Los Angeles, CA/Irvine, CA; Birmingham, AL; Indianapolis, IN; Charlotte, NC


Wish I could have seen a game!


Perfect weather, tons of great conversation and spending time with my boss and newest teammate! California was #perfect! Always energizing to see the Brand in new markets with unique situations and perspectives! 


We wouldn’t hate a West coast office!

I hosted events in Birmingham and Charlotte that are part of my consistent responsibilities. I love the city of Charlotte for many reasons, and I would not complain if I ever ended up being asked to move there! I enjoy the balance of southern “speed”; amount of green space; and access to all the things a large city has. 

Indianapolis was a trip I was able to join a coworker on, and gained insight into a different role within the company and a new perspective. What I love about Indy? The airport! So much natural light!

May/June/July seemed to be filled with travel and “busyness” and I look forward to a slower August/Fall season. My self-made “goal” of only 27 trips I am tracking well on, and have some space to add additional trips with not feeling overwhelmed or lowering my ability to be “present”. When I am in busy seasons, it is interesting to see the “grass in greener” for those that don’t travel, but when the opposite occurs, and am “chompin’ at the bit” to get into the field, where I feel most connected and “alive!”

One of my favorite parts of my job is watching people succeed and see them achieve what they’ve work towards! So glad I was able to pray over her before her interview that day!



My new space is slowly coming together!

I feel like I have settled into a “groove” of knowing myself deeper than I ever have before. I think I have set and kept boundaries this year than any previously. I have said “yes” and “no” to things that are congruent with who I want to be, but more importantly to who the Lord has called me to be. I am so enjoying my new home. The quiet; the trees; the space. My trips to see family in Boone, NC, have been filled with laughter, memories and fun. 

The coaching certification I am seeking has been so eye opening to helping me see who I am, where my gaps are and what are some natural habits that are gifts, vs I need to break them 😉

When I AM in town, my “go-to’s” with free time are extra sleep, watching Blue Bloods (Tom Seleck is such a good dad and leader!), walking, pool time with friends, volunteering at church, and celebrating friends’ accomplishments!  I meet a lot of people each week, and it is always refreshing to come back and feel known by those who I “do life” with. 

Trip home to start!


Some wonderful Christian coaches and my teacher at a luncheon!



MixedFit classes!- fitness and hip hop dance= I love it!

Pool time and sun tans!


One of my all time favorite photos of my dad and I. Happy Father’s Day!


Discretion and discernment. Always needing prayer for wisdom. I trust the Spirit’s leading and my relationship with Christ, but as I read recently, it reiterated the reality “ Romans 8: 26

My hip- I thought I was on the uphill, but just like most recovery, it is a roller-coaster. I have recently been having consistent pain. SO much so, that I will be getting a cortizone shot in July. Please pray that my body heals and that I will receive and accept where I am, vs where I want to be. 

May 2018

May was a sweet month. It was filled with travel, laughter and fun memories with the relationships that mean the most to me! 


In honor of Cinco de Mayo

Travel: NYC, NY; Mt. Laurel, NJ; Milwaukee, WI; Tampa, FL; Smith Mountain Lake, VA; San Angelo, TX; Denver, CO; Brevard, NC; Boone, NC


Work: I was able to have trips that consisted both of the “routine” events I host, as well as intentional time with leaders in a smaller environment. This is where I come alive! I love being able to share with groups some “keys to success” and what I’ve learned through the opportunities I have been afforded. I traveled to 4 out of our six regions for work, and it is always so fascinating to see our Brand represented in different cultures, amongst varying demographics. 


San Angelo, TX 

IMG_3384We celebrated our founder, Truett Cathy with a day of celebration and reminding us of the legacy he left and how it continues to infiltrate our Brand and our values. 

I continue to travel 50%+ on a routine basis. I am staying busy! Sometimes I feel like I spend more time at 30,000 ft then on the ground. ha! 


I was able to share a lot of memories this month, and as I’ve grown and allowed myself to incorporate FUN into my life, I have definitely enjoyed the company along the way! 

Wicked- in NYC! 100% spontaneous, 150% worth it!

Denver fun!- I never get sick of the mountains, and when work sends me to them, I go a day early to enjoy some of my favorite stops!…ALWAYS a stop at Denver Biscuit Company

IMG_3387Mixed Fitif you have not tried it, come on out! I went to a 2-hour class and had a great time dancing and enjoying exercise in such a fun way

IMG_3371Girl’s trip– last year my best friends and I went to the beach, this year we decided to try out my favorite…a lake! (Lake>Beach) My aunt was such a wonderful host and we were able to rest, slow down, and reconnect from all the changes that have occurred in our lives over the past year. I think we’ve made a May trip an annual tradition!

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 10.00.30 PMCCI class Graduation- After 16 weeks of 3 hour classes and many coaching sessions, I graduated from my coaching course! Before I become licensed, I will need to complete my practicum. If you know if any young adults who could benefit from a professional life coach, please reach out to me! 

IMG_3388I moved!- This was by far the biggest change in the month. I voluntarily wanted to try something new after having lived “in the city” for 2+ years, I was willing to give up a shorter commute for quietness and trees. I went from Grant Park to Vinings/Smryna area. The few mornings I have actually been in town have been wonderful to wake up to birds vs sirens. 

Hip update- It is easier said then done the principle: “growth is not linear”. Some days I have no pain, and others I worry that I will never fully recover. I am able to exercise without high impact. The injury continues to teach me what is important and where I place my value. For years spending 8+ hours a week in a gym, to shifting to being present and enjoying “my people” and circumstances around me, I would not trade what I have learned. That does not make it easier to swallow that I do not see myself running long distances anymore. Still in the midst of grieving that!

fullsizeoutput_204dIMG_3410Friends for a lifetime– We celebrated a lot! These people are the ones I do life with! So thankful for how they listen, care and challenge me. 


Chicken ‘n Biscuits will always be my first request!

Memorial Day with Meme!– what a gift it was to spend time with the Queen! Although it rained the entire time and the power went out multiple times, I love anytime I have with her. The highlight of the trip was her going to get an oil lamp to use while we stayed up in a powerless house before bedtime. 


My sweet Mom and the care package with the MOST thoughtful things in it! A sweet “welcome home” gift. 

The month ended and June began with my family, in the mountains of Boone, soaking up time with them. 

Prayer requests:

  • I would have a few interested clients to practice professional life coaching
  • My mindset in regards to my hip recovery and a renewed spirit of discipline to continue to stay engaged in therapy