January 2019

January always seems to fly by! I spent the first few days thinking about what I wanted to focus on this year.

Two words: Presence and Faith (ask me about them!)

Travel: (below photo I did NOT take, but it is from Boone!) The only place I traveled for the month!



My last plane ride (until February) was November! I have enjoyed more time with co-workers and recalibrating what the 2019 changes we want to make and to begin to see them come into fruition!


Started the year with going to Passion. And I think we only had one day of the month that was sunny, so definitely took advantage of hiking!

Two Christmas gifts! Currently I have a habit of asking Alexa to play one of three stations: Chris Stapleton, Eric Church or Mosaic MSC

Great Truth to be reminded of!

We went ALL OUT for our “girl time” and had some much wonderful snacks! Laughter was consistent throughout the evening!


Tried two new Italian restaurants in Atlanta: Storico Fresco (Buckhead area) and Valenza (Brookhaven). Both had great food, and I really enjoyed the people I was eating with!


I had to head to NC to see snow…but I LOVED it!


With the year “ahead” of us…busyness is a natural response. My prayer that I will remain present and focused on what is right in front of me and enjoy the day.


Continuing to Saygrace!


December 2018

I did not fly on a plane in December! THAT is an accomplishment!


My last speaking event of the year occurred here in Atlanta. Much to celebrate as we turn towards 2019 planning.

My team had fun cooking, chatting and eating Paella together.

I GET to call these co-workers friends!



A group of friends hanging out in Blue Ridge! Lots of laughs, memories and a SLIGHT unintentional fire on the grill…


These women! They are my sisters and such a gift to have them as friends who “get me” and we have the opportunity to do life together.

Taking time during advent season to remember Christ.

I hosted my 2nd Annual Christmas Brunch! I love hosting, especially when friends, holidays and breakfast are combined!


Trip to Brevard and Boone for Christmas week!

Christmas Eve and Christmas were spent centered around my Meme. She is 91 and was not in the best condition due to a recent fall, but we were still able to have good conversation and sit and enjoy each other.

Great grand children, family breakfasts, time with my family.

Mom and I went to see Mary Poppins Returns, my dad made a wonderful “goodbye” breakfast before I headed back to Atlanta and instead of snow, our fields were flooded with rain!


My grandmother’s health as she continues to improve from pneumonia and her fall.

As 2019 is already upon us; that we do take time to pause and reflect on where Jesus was in 2018.

2018 recap post coming up!

November 2018

November was a fun month! I travel for work to my favorite place and then had the second half of the month with family and making memories!

Where I traveled: Portland, OR; Sacramento/San Francisco, CA; Newton, IL; St. Lucia Island!

Work: Two work trips to meet with Operators and their teams. Fun with co-workers!


Work family!


Great leaders and great friends!


We squeezed in a massage before dinner. Not again…



My November 6th wait time for voting

My favorite event to host each year! Friendsgiving 2018! IMG_0076fullsizeoutput_258c

Went up to Illinois for Thanksgiving this year! Lots of laughs with the littles and fun on the farm!


Sister-in-law’s family and mine!

Brother/sister time enjoy nature and God’s creation!

I surprised my mom with a trip to St. Lucia. 5 days of resting, laughing and breakfast in bed! Weather was perfect. Special time with a woman who I owe so much of who I am to.

Beautiful beaches, resort, and sunshine!


Only us!


This time of year seems to draw people into stress, anxiety and sometimes depression depending on what emotions are provoked. My prayer is that as we celebrate advent and the coming of Christ, that we will take moments to reflect on His coming, His grace and His ultimate return.


With grace,

October 2018

I spent more time in hotels then I did in Atlanta this month. 

Travel: Pittsburgh, PA; Dallas, TX; Grand Forks, ND; Springfield, MO; Delhi, India; Gwuahti, India; Seattle, WA

Work: I had a lot of diversity in the “roles” I played this month for work. I was able to work as a team member in North Dakota, have dinner with future leaders in Pittsburgh, speak to the future leaders in Dallas and use tools from work to impact young women in India. (more on India below)

I am learning that a career of 50% travel is not what I desire long term, but I would not have replaced the past 3 years of insight and perspective I have gained through being able to see the Brand all over the country. Crazy how fast the year is coming to a close and more thought is spent on 2019 as I only have a few events remaining. 

Personal:  In between work trips my weekend were filled with fun! I loved it, but i also turned October into a blur of sorts. My dad had not been to Sanford stadium for a game in 41 years, and to be able to enjoy it as a family, especially since the Dawgs are doing well, was a blast! A memory that will last a long time! 


He is standing under…I am on the outside 😉



I love this man so much! We a joy it was to share this memory with him!

IZdk7GyRRwaCugL8hUIWYQIMG_4048The following weekend my close friends and I went up to Boone to enjoy the cooler temperatures and get “away” from the noise and hustle of the city. hiking, family, food and laughs are always so refreshing. 


Hip update- the good news- I went to see a new surgeon, the bad news- it was confirmed the surgery i had didn’t solve my problem and I learned I have arthritis on my hip. What now? I have Physical therapy and get to find ways to move that are not painful, but also can strengthen my muscles around my hips. As far as running long distances or frequently, that season is over. Which is hard to swallow, but thinking long term health, I have so many other ways I can move! Looking forward to getting back into swimming, yoga, weights and maybe try a pilates class!

Life coach certification- I am officially official! Anyone who emails me now will be I have the letters CPLC behind my name and the badge which shows I am a Certified Professional Life Coach! This is so exciting for me as I move closer to strengthening the passions and desires the Lord has put in my heart. I plan on having a website ready to go come January 2019 and work towards an additional accreditation through having 3-4 clients a week. Target audience: young adults who are experiencing a transition or shift from the familiar to the unknown.  


INDIA: 10 days long. on a plane for 4 out of the 6…two 9 hour flights and 1 3 hour flight. 9.5 hour time zone difference. What is worth it? Absolutely!

AA058692-3F0F-47A9-AA3F-6176CDF545D9As I shared with someone yesterday, the recalibration my heart receives when I travel overseas is selfishly so beneficial for me to reorder my priorities and truly think about what I do or do not need to be concerned with. We spent our time with young women who have experienced trauma through trafficking. As I learned last year, India is a sensory overload, but what I have noticed is sometimes I need that shock to “wake me” from the “wheel” of busyness I can find myself in through our western cultural expectations. God does work in mysterious ways and brings joy to the weary and broken. The love and care and ultimately the TRUST i witnessed them have in their loving Father was humbling. I’d love to share more, just ask!


My grandmother, who turn 91 in November, has pneumonia. Sickness at that age is burdening on all parts of her. Pray for her rest and recovery. 

Fall holidays- as a “season” of hustle and maybe unspoken expectations comes into fruition, I pray that our focus remains on eternal things. 

Until November!

September 2018

Traveled to: Guntersville, AL; Denver and Colorado Springs, CO and ended the month in Pittsburgh, PA

Work: Instead of travel and completing current events with Team Members and Operators, my month was thinking ahead to the future. What 2019 will look like…Where to travel to…Strategy and spending time with my team. 


Fall Fun for our Talent Acquisition Meeting!


Civil Rights Museum with the team!


Quick trip to Alabama!


Fun day with the People Department



West coast game changers…

When in Colorado…Snooze is a must!


The great thing about when I don’t travel, it increases my capacity to spend time with my friends and the community the Lord has placed me in. I was able to volunteer 4 Sundays…in a ROW!, visit a great winery with friends, and participate in a community group that e’ve formed to dive deeper into Truths and allow “iron to sharpen iron”. 




Yes, my birthday was this month too! I felt so loved and cared for. Although I was not able to go camping like the original plan, Plan “B” actually created a different experience, that was even more special! 

I had breakfast with my “besties!” and then everyone came to have BBQ and watch football.


A Birthday gift to myself!

Friends “race”- I say race, because I obviously didn’t run…but they did and I walked the 5K. It was humbling and peaceful all at once. I never would have thought I would have not been able to run 3 miles. We spent time enjoying the rides before the park opened to guests. IMG_3962

Although technically It’s the fall season, it’s still 80+ degrees here. That didn’t stop me from enjoying my favorite #basic fall beverage! IMG_3878

Prayer: My hip! I am scheduling a doctor apporintment with another surgeon to get a second opinion. Right now I have almost constant pain without doing any impact exercise. A recovery that was supposed to last around 6 months, we’re going on 10 and still not relief. More than just healing, also pray that I use my time to fix my eyes on things above and not become bitter or angry. 

When you are trying to limit your walking…and your best friend goes grocery shopping for you…

I will be headed to India again in October. I am looking forward to spending time with the team, and having to opportunity to love on the people. Please pray for my travels, the team I’ll be traveling with and the people we will be interacting with.